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"Before you spend thousands on a HVAC system, read the guide!"

Avoid headaches and scams with the New HVAC Guide!

What is the New HVAC Guide?

  • Realtors help you buy homes... 

  • Dealerships help you buy cars... 

  • And now The New HVAC Guide will help you buy your next HVAC System

New HVAC Guide Overview

Why do you need Help?

  • Avoid the pitfalls that customers deal with when buying HVAC systems.  Problematic systems, paying too much, warranty issues, and contractors' lies are just a few things we will help you avoid!  

  • Let us be your guide.  Follow this step by step guide.  We will give you behind the scenes secrets.  We will give you expert advice.  We even have a page for NO NOs in the industry.

  • Your next heating and cooling system will be a breeze when you follow this guide.  Sign up here!

New HVAC system

What Else?  New Information!

New info is being added to the New HVAC Guide all the time!  When new technology, studies, and information in the industry comes out, we are adding it to the Guide!  

New Heat Pumps

Avoid the problems, issues, and headaches!

Following our guide should be your roadmap in purchasing HVAC equipment.  The miserable stress that comes from being taken advantage of by a HVAC contractor, a warranty issue with a manufacturer, or having the unit breakdown 2 months after installation...  IT STOPS NOW!  Tell that stress goodbye by signing up for the NEW HVAC GUIDE right now!

New HVAC systems
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Family Time

New HVAC Guide has you covered!

The guide

New HVAC Guide is your guide.  It's like a roadmap.  Follow it and you'll get there.  Plus, there are bonus pages offering "secrets in the trade" that aren't found anywhere else.

expert advice

Want to bounce a question off an expert before making your purchase that has no benefit to what you decide?  We have a plan for that.  Our experts can give it to you straight without "trying to sell you something"

Expert help

Want to have an expert handle it all? Contacting contractors, handling most of the Guide's steps, and even drawing up the contract?  We have a plan for that too!

Who do you relate to most?

 Young Woman Contemplating HVAC


the hesitant one

Not sure where to start or what to get? Don't know who to trust? The guide can help you through making some of the decisions you'll have to usually blindly make.  Brands? HVAC types? Contractors?

We've got you covered!

Woman miserable with HVAC


the non-techie one

It can be daunting with all the verbiage and terminology.  Things are getting more and more complicated.  What's what? Who's best? You don't buy HVAC equipment everyday.  This is a big decision!

Man too busy to pick HVAC


the busy one

You don't have time for all of this.  You're busy and this is just one more thing requiring your attention.  You just want it done so you can get back to what's important.  This shouldn't be a thing.

New HVAC Guide isn't for everyone.

  • Just gonna shop and buy the cheapest? 

  • Or you don't really care about how well everything is installed. 

  • Maybe you don't care about saving money on utility bills.


There's several reasons not to follow our Guide but following it might just save you from that moment you look back and say, "Darn, I wish I had known ahead of time."

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