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HVAC questions and my answers

I did a search on Google for "questions to ask when replacing an hvac system." And since everyone else on the planet gives their two cents on every topic, I thought I'd give a professional answer to these questions. See below.

Should I repair or replace?

Unlike some companies, I'm not in the business of answering this question with a definitive

answer everytime. There's different circumstances. Not every situation is the same. So what then? I tell all my employees and customers this... "I'm in the business of winning a customer for life." That said, I think there's times when it makes since to replace and times it makes since to repair. So let me give you, the homeowner, a few things to think about since you will be the one to make the decision. First, if it were under warranty, that's a no brainer. Repair for sure. Second, refrigerant isn't getting cheaper.

If you still have the old R22 type refrigerant, it will be more expensive as it gets rarer and harder to get. Finally, there are many upcoming costs in repairing vs. replacing. This video does a better job than I ever could explaining.

What's the best thermostat to use?

Well it depends on what you want. However, I will tell you my favorite thermostat because it is one of the most versatile. The Honeywell 8000 wifi is my go to usually. It does everything I need it to do including work with a dual fuel system.

This video is a complete walkthrough of the thermostat that I did last year.

What is the estimated cost and do you offer financing?

At Griffin Air, yes we do. Check out our Financing page by clicking here. The estimates are obviously different for every home. However, I can tell you that Griffin Air, as a Daikin

Comfort Pro, offers a 12 year parts and labor warranty with our installations. The Daikin Fit is one of the most revolutionary products on the market and Griffin Air specializes in all kinds of solutions to your problems. Check out this video on the Daikin Fit!

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