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Some HVAC contractors take advantage of homeowners in need.  New HVAC Guide is designed to help you through the HVAC buying process and help you avoid costly mistakes and headaches. Our happy customers are glad they were given some third party expert advice. 

What Our Clients Say

"NewHvacGuide is legit.

My furnace went out and it was time for a full AC/Furnace replacement of my 23 year old system. I got three estimates, and all of them felt high.

I was minutes away from going with one company, but I was still unsure. I said screw it paid for some expert advice here. Worst case scenario I'll know I'm not getting jacked.

I talked with newhvacguide, got some fresh quotes, and asked the right questions. I ended up saving $3,000 on a BETTER system with additional return vents, with a company I feel much more confident about.

I can't guarantee you'll save $3,000 too. But I can assure you that you'll have piece at mind knowing you're making the best decision.

Thanks again NewHvacGuide!"

------Jacob in Utah

"I installed a new HVAC system last year. We got multiple bids. Each bid specified different equipment, brand, installation , and associated pricing. Trying to navigate the quotes and make a decision was pain staking. We didn’t know the right questions to ask or how to evaluate the contractors. Unfortunately for me I was not aware of the New HVAC Guide.. How I wish I was as I am now faced with problems that could have been avoided with the proper guidance. I am now back tracking though Josh ( the author) to fix my issues. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this guide. What Josh has put together here is a treasure trove of information that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. Save yourself the time and aggravation that I’m experiencing right now."

------Joseph in Pennsylvania

"Great info as always. I have found your new guide to be really helpful as we are in the process of making a a decision to replace our furnace & ac."

------James in Michigan

"Hi I got your HVAC guide. It's amazing. Exceeded my expectations. I'm on the board in my community and I can also applying some of the information to a variety of different vendors. Thank you."

------Joe in New Jersey

"I just want to say thank you to the gentleman that does the YouTube videos. This evening I turned my air off and the heat on as I normally do. This time I heard the most awful noise and thought the house was about to explode. I ran into my washroom where my furnace is located and heard a loud squelching noise so I ran to the thermostat to turn the unit off. I contacted the company that installed it a few years ago to see if someone could come out to check it out for me. Anyway, I went to YouTube University where I I get all of my information and discovered one of your videos . I knew the TRANE was under warranty  for at least 12 years because I remember my husband telling me when he purchased it a few years before he died. You can imagine when people come to do work and notice that there is not a male presence they try to rip me off. So in your video you said that you have a site where we could enter our information and BAM!!! Low and behold it worked. There it sat as big as day was the warranty to my unit ! :) When I talked to the on call guy for the company coming out he said it could be the capacitor or the motor which could be anywhere around 125 dollars and the motor from 500-800 dollars. I was so happy to tell him that it was still under warranty. Thank God the temperature was in the 70’s today and I hope the house will hold it’s heat. I just wanted to write you and let you know that you are doing a wonderful job by arming consumers with information. God definitely has a blessing with your name on it. I really wish you had a company in the Roanoke, Virginia area because you would shut everybody else down. So for all of the haters out there let them keep hating because that is what they do anyway.  God bless you and heaven smile upon you for everything  you do. Feel free to call me in the morning to listen to the noise to see if you can tell what it is. :)"

------Carlissa in Virginia

"This guide was very helpful for me choosing my system and gave me a ton of confidence to even talk to the perspective companies in figuring out who to choose."

"This guide was so crazy helpful and I thank you guys for making something so honest, seemingly non biased and clear."

------Michael in California

"... to say Josh was amazing is a understatement. He is professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable such an awesome company l will sing their praises and continue to use them and only them in the future because peace of mind is priceless" 

----- Zoe in Virginia

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