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Hire Joshua Griffin

Want to have Joshua as a guest on your podcast or to speak at your next conference? 

Meet Joshua Griffin

I’ve been in the trades for over 2 decades with a background in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing; learning these trades in the construction and property management fields all across Virginia and Maryland. I launched, built, and sold a successful business. I believe in doing top notch work while focusing being professional and hospitable has been key. I've become known as a disrupter in the industry teaching others what most want to keep secret. Everything I do is to help make the industry become more transparent and better in the long-term for all involved. 

Joshua Griffin Podcast
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ACHR New. Top 40

Joshua Griffin

Teacher, Author, Speaker, Dad, Husband


  • Host of HVAC Guide for Homeowners Youtube Channel

  • Founder/ Author of

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business Owner

  • Business Coach

  • Master License holder in HVAC and Plumbing

  • Public Speaker

Joshua has been Featured on the following:

ACHR New. Top 40
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Empowering Pumps Podcast
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YouTube Live Show
Youtube Creators Hub Podcast
YouTube channel HVAC Guide
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