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Air Flow Solution for EVERY HOME!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

In this video, Joshua Griffin goes through a solution that could solve most airflow issues in homes as well as controlling mini splits, all with the same devices. Do you have a home that does not heat or cool in one room as well as the others? Or have a home that has zoning issues causing one part of the house to be uncomfortable? These products are made by a company called Flair. Flair's Smart Vent and Puck can control multiple devices in your home, creating better comfort, saving you money on energy, and creating a home everyone will be happy to come home to. Save 10% on Flair's products by clicking here:

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Would love to get this for our home, but they don't offer baseboard-style vents. :( Some quick searching shows people have been asking for years and they've said they "might" do them at some point, but these posts go back quite a while.

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