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Bad HVAC Installations are the problem. Not the brand you selected.

Most HVAC pros have a brand preference, or they like one brand over another for one reason or another. At the very least, they have a brand or two they won't install because they dislike it and have justification for it too.

Furthermore, I'm asked one question by homeowners more than any other question... "What's the best brand?" And here is the answer. NO ONE BRAND IS THE BEST IN EVERY MARKET!

Now do I think I sell the best brand in my market? Yep. Do I consider them best for multiple reasons? Yep. Good equipment, warranty, parts availability, great customer service, etc. Yep!

However, I'm not naive enough to think they're the best everywhere. There are some parts of the country they don't even have a good place to buy from (distribution). Not to mention there are companies in my local market that believe they sell the best brand and it's not the one I sell...

With all that said, even though HVAC companies may disagree on which brand they like best for whatever reason, one thing they almost all can agree on... THE BRAND DON'T MATTER AS MUCH AS THE INSTALLATION. Meaning the same brand/equipment can be installed by two different companies, two different installers, two different "pros

", and one can be a problem child while the other seems to work forever needing only maintaining regularly and that's it!

So the question becomes what's a good installation consist of? I'm glad you asked! I've created an entire video series on this topic. I go over what actually goes into a good installation versus a bad one. Each video touches on actual examples of things I've personally seen in the industry good and bad. Check out the series below. Thanks!

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