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HVAC Myth SACRIFICE Comfort for Lower Electric Bills?

After receiving a comment on a video we launched recently about sacrificing comfort for efficiency, Joshua Griffin decided to do this video to debunk that myth. In this video, Joshua shows that HVAC systems can save you money and make you MORE comfortable! High SEER HVAC systems with communicating inverter technology can add more comfort and save you money on electric bills at the same time. Joshua shares why that is and debunks this crazy myth!

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Joshua Griffin
Joshua Griffin
Mar 19, 2023
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I had a single-stage Trane heat pump and now a (non-communicating) Bosch inverter heat pump, and they were both perfectly comfortable (with a furnace back-up). But years ago, when I bought the Trane, the salesman did caution that "little old ladies" often did not like heat pumps. The reason, he said, is that they put out cooler heated air, like 90 degrees, compared to something like 110 or more with a furnace. Considering your body temperature is 98 degrees, 90 degree air would warm up your house but still feel like a cool breeze on your skin.

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