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HVAC Price Increases Coming!

The HVAC industry is seeing new efficiency standards, refrigerants, and new products hitting the market all at once. The efficiency standards set to take effect in 2023 will be meant to raise the minimum efficiency systems offered to customers across North America. In this video, we discuss how that will also cause an adverse effect causing manufacturers to raise pricing on almost all products! Homeowners should expect to see increased pricing on equipment that they are already offering! Are they just taking advantage of the industry and their customers?

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Abe Murray
Abe Murray
04 de out. de 2022

Any idea when new HVAC units (specificly Heat pumps) will be available with the new refregerant? it seems like major manufactures like Trane, Carrior, Lennox etc... would already have them for sale and not just waiting for Jan 1 2023 to release their new models.

Joshua Griffin
Joshua Griffin
05 de out. de 2022
Respondendo a

Daikin has made some. Not sure on anyone else.

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