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MeasureQuick Overview Making HVAC Techs Better!

In today's video, Joshua Griffin, interviews Jim Bergman, the creator of MeasureQuick. Measure Quick as a tool that heating and air professionals can use to make sure they are getting the job done right and diagnosing systems properly. Whether the system is new during start-up or a system that has something going wrong, MeasureQuick can help an HVAC technician find the problem and make the necessary repairs, saving the homeowner money, in the long run, knowing that all bases have been covered. Jim gives an overview of Measure Quick and the benefits of why every HVAC professional should be using this product!

For more information on MeasureQuick, click this link:

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The winner here is the Residential Homeowner. What Mr. Bergman has introduced is an SOP for the Heating & Air Business. SOP - Standard Operating Procedures. Aviators do it, why not HVAC Techs?Where it helps imo is when you have the 2nd year apprentice doing service calls and if he has a standard set of guidelines, he know's if the system is running properly before he leaves. I was on my own in my second year (many moons ago) with proper schooling, however sitting in classroom and being the field is a little different. The Company I worked for was excellent and when I ran into trouble shooting issues, they were there to assist.

If I was an HVAC…

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