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More Scammers in HVAC! Here's Why

In this video, Joshua Griffin goes through some of the reasons why he thinks today's events and scenarios have open the door to more scammers than ever in the HVAC industry. He goes through some of the reasons why scammers can exploit more situation than ever. Labor, shortages, the baby boomer, generation, retiring, and other factors all play a role in why homeowners may decide to do business with someone who ends up, scamming them more than ever!

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I think it is an extremely relevant topic. I don't see some of what you were saying as "scammy" per se...I do see not being licensed as a scam but that some homeowners are actively abetting. The economy is tight and people's budgets are tight. They are also desperate in some instances. In the case of new businesses and even new technicians they are oftentimes kindhearted in giving their business.

The real problem is the pace of life. The master-apprentice relationship in the HVAC trade is a joke. There is really no such thing anymore. And then you are so tired out by the pace that when you get home you don't want to do any more learning because …

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