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New Section to our site!

We are excited to announce a new step in our Guide! In addition to our step by step Guide to purchasing an HVAC system properly to avoid problems and pitfalls many face, we have several bonus pages. Our newest bonus page is called Tests!

On our Tests page, we go through many tests you can have performed on your HVAC system to get lower utility bills, have a better running system, and extend the life of your system. We also go through each test explaining what's involved and why you may want to have it performed. If you're a current member to our site, check it out!

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I just installed a new daikon fit 3 1/2 ton heat pump installed by local contractor in Lanexa Virginia. The thermostat is awful, huge swings in temperature in the room and it just does not seem to be control in the unit like an inverter system should it cycles often on hot and cold just a terrible, terrible thermostat. I would sure like to have my Honeywell thermostat back. Any help you can give me

Replying to

Through your wonderful YouTube videos I was sold on the daikon fit as something that would work for me because I had a really air-conditioning problem and I needed something so that I could oversize the unit a little bit to take care of the cooling needs. All the things that you’ve said in your videos is what sold me that this would work well and the verbal speeds would compensate for the oversizing. But somethings wrong somethings not working right and I really need some help so I hope you will change your mind, if my local guy can’t get it resolved to help me out a little bit I don’t know what else to do. I’m getting desperate.…

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