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Refrigerants 410a OUT! R32 IN! Here's Why!

In this video, Joshua Griffin goes over the best refrigerant replacing 410a when it's completely phased out in the U.S. He also goes through the website and touches on the highlights of what makes R32 the best choice when replacing 410a HVAC equipment in your home. Joshua goes over several R32 facts and shares why this should even matter to the average homeowner before they purchase heating and air conditioning systems.

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Homeowner here. New construction. Daikin fit. Called my local distributor for my local hvac installer. I had hoped to put in R32 instead of 410…. They can only install/ recommend what is labeled on the unit. He said they have not received any Daikin units that are solely R32 as of yet nor any advisories as to when this could happen. I’ll be happy either way … unless there’s a mandate to switch .. not likely.


Hi Josh,

If you do a search on the Web you'll find the President/CEO of Daikin in Japan stating in 2019 that R32 was being phased out and a new environmentally refrigerant was being sought. They even bought a German Firm to develop same. Here we are 4 years later and the program has changed back to R32 - "Back to the Future"! R32 seems to be a interim solution at less than 1/3 the harmful effects of R410a. It's still an interim solution.

R722 - CO2 seems to be the EU solution. There's a ton of info if you go searching. Have a look at latest from the EU & Germany.

Here in Canada will probably go along with…

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