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Ugly TRUTH in HVAC! Pros DON'T Want YOU To Know!

In this video, Joshua Griffin goes through one of the biggest ugly truths with the heating and air-conditioning industry! Joshua shares how most professionals in the HVAC industry start out as a helper or apprentice before moving on to practicing the trade themselves. The problem with this is that most of them never learn a big problem in our industry which is air quality. With homes being built tighter, and other issues with customers having breathing issues, technicians require more education than ever to be able to remedy some of the air quality issues we see today. These professionals typically don't have the training to properly diagnose an air quality issue an your home!

The solution? Having your air quality, tested and monitored. To purchase your own air monitor, click here:

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Paul Connolly
Paul Connolly
Aug 07, 2023

Great video about air qualit. I’ve always heard about indoor air is 4-5 times worse than the outside air. Now we have very tight homes and tight is great, but now we have to adjust or remedy the problems created by the home being very tight. Even homes that aren’t tight still need a solution with people spending 90% of their time in their home. The problem is most homeowners dont think about the air there breathing, and that’s where the trained professionals need to explain and come up with a solution. this has been on my mind for the past 5 yrs, after watching your video I’m going to take some courses on indoor air quality and find t…


I had a Bosch heat pump installed last summer, connected to an existing AS furnace. The company rep was simply a salesman. His previous job was supervising home remodeling projects for a hardware and lumber store. So he didn't have expertise in HVAC. On the other hand, he works for a big company with installers, service techs, engineers who review all proposals, and they also run a school for HVAC techs. When I had questions, they sent an engineer to my house. At any rate, I had read an article in This Old House about Energy Recovery Ventilators and asked the sales rep about it. He said that was something people were doing "in the Nineties" and they just tear…

Replying to

@w.wedenoja that might be the case as far as outside air goes - but think about where that air is coming from! If it's through nooks, and crannies, attic draughts and cracks, what kind of dust and contaminants could that be bringing along with it? Infiltration isn't a good source of clean, fresh air.


What an amazing post!

If you're interested in monitoring Indoor Air Quality across your whole home (rather than purchasing a monitor for each room), check out

Not only do we monitor air quality (including particles, chemicals, and humidity levels) across your whole home - we can also automate the equipment that can *resolve* those issues, automatically! Rather than simply getting notifications that something is wrong (that you're not sure how to fix), what you'll have is a smart system that can respond to the problems for you.

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