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What is SEER2?

Starting in 2023 SEER was replaced by SEER2. SEER2 is meant to be a more accurate representation of how systems perform in real world applications versus SEER. You can still use SEER2 to compare systems and their ratings. However, just realize SEER2 ratings are typically going to be a smaller number because of the extra testing SEER2 has involved. This means a 16 SEER system may only be 15.2 SEER2. This doesn't mean it's any less or any more efficient. It's just a different rating you can use to compare to other systems when determining which will be more efficient in your home.

Experts in HVAC have known for years that SEER, (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) as the main rating for comparing HVAC systems, was flawed! Starting in 2023, SEER2 will become the primary rating on air conditioning and heat pump systems and may replace SEER completely. In this video, Josh discusses the upcoming changes and what it means for the HVAC industry.

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