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Our Founder - From the Heart

This post is unlike any I've done. I decided to do a blog post from the heart. Not just talking about some product but some of my genuine thoughts as founder of New HVAC Guide. The hope is that if someone were to come across this post, they'd find out that we are more than just another company out to make a buck.

A few years ago, I was talking to a lady not in my state. She had come across a video I had done and called me with some questions. Despite her not being in my area, I decided to help and give her some unbiased advice on her upcoming project of replacing her HVAC system. She was receiving conflicting information from different companies, and I answered her questions but explained it in a way that someone not in our trade would understand. After our conversation, she exclaimed that she had never had such good information and said I should write a book or something.

If felt good. I was helping someone. I was used to fixing someone's air conditioner and sometimes setting the record straight if some shiesty HVAC technician or salesman had told them something wrong, but this was different. I found a way that I could help folks across the country. But there was a problem. A big one.

The Problem

What's the problem? A book. A book is the problem. Although some information is timeless, books are in writing. Once written, a book can't be changed or updated. As new technology comes out, things change. Ofcourse, new editions can come out, but some things are different. Some things can't wait. So what then?

The Solution

What could I do? After giving it a lot of thought, I finally found a solution. A website that I could update, change, and continue to add things to as time goes on. So was born. I believe it's different from anything else out there. It's unbiased information with one goal in mind. Helping you.

Thanks for reading. I hope we can help you before you become another horror story in the world of home ownership.

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Thanks for sharing your story as an HVAC contractor, i really very interesting. I hope no one will experience such problems with HVAC units.

Gefällt mir
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